Visit my website for more information about:

  • Choosing a Bankruptcy attorney;
  • How I work;
  • What to expect from a first appointment;
  • How a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure;
  • Your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act;
  • What to do when you have been sued;
  • and lots more.

Remember, though, I am only licensed in the State of Oklahoma. Even if you live inside Oklahoma do not assume that you are finding legal advice on my, or any, web site. The law is very fact specific. Use the Internet to learn enough to know what questions to start asking. Then contact me, or another lawyer, for help with your particular scenario.

If you live outside of the State of Oklahoma, your rights, liabilities and procedures may be very different. Please find a lawyer in your State to advise you with respect to your particular situation.

If you need help finding a lawyer in your area, check:

The National Association of consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys; or

The National Association of Consumer Advocates.

” target=”_blank”>AVVO.


6 thoughts on “Website

  1. T.C.


    I learned more through your web site in the past hour than from all of the web sites I’ve been investigating for the past several weeks. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    I wish your practice was in California; I would love to have the benefit of your expertise.

    I just visited the NACBA web site and signed the petition for Senate Bill 61…wow, talk about timing! This is something that could help me tremendously since I am not eligible for the HOPE program, and Countrywide has not been helpful at all (I’ve been calling them for the past 5 months for any type of refi or mortgage modification).

    Love it!

    Thanks so much.

  2. Kent

    Who appraises the sheriff sale property in Oklahoma? Can just anyone do this?

    • Appraisers are appointed by the County Sheriff. There are some minimal statutory requirements, but the Counties I deal with are all exceeding those.


  3. Kent

    I think that is the question, what are the minimal requirements.

  4. Kim bennett

    I have a personam judgement against me that I never knew since 2006, on a foreclosure how do I handle this?

    • You will need to talk to someone in your jurisdiction. This is an area of law controlled by State law, and there is substantial variation amongst the States.

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